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A Legacy of Service.

An Independent Voice for Families.

Aletheia McCaskill is a mother, business owner, and advocate for working families who lives in Baltimore's District 44 with her husband and two lovely daughters. With over 19 years as an early learning and child development professional, both as a service provider and as a leader and advocate, she understands the challenges of everyday life for our families. She is stepping up to be an independent voice for District 44 in Annapolis. 

As a longtime resident of District 44, Aletheia understands that District's County and City residents are part of unique communities with unique needs, but she believes that their interests are shared, because crime, unemployment, and struggling schools impact us all.


Aletheia currently serves as Chairwoman of the Baltimore, D.C., Northern Virginia C.O.P.E., SEIU-Local 500, and as a leader of the Bargaining Committee for SEIU Local 500 Early Learning Division and is a part of the Women's Economic Security Agenda (WESA).

Aletheia is an active member of the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC), National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), and the Association for Early Learning Leaders (AELL), and gives back to the community by providing support services and child care services to local homeless shelters. 





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Fighting for Women, Children, and Families

Family-Supporting Careers

Aletheia McCaskill has the courage to support policies like paid sick leave and a $15 minimum wage, because as a small business owner she knows her business thrives when workers thrive.

Investing in Schools

Aletheia McCaskill believes better opportunities come from better education. Better education depends on improved school buildings, experienced teachers, and access to technology and vocational training in the classroom.  She believes in educational partnerships and community engagement that will prepare students for higher education and entry into the workforce.

Criminal Justice Reform

Aletheia McCaskill knows better public safety comes from a police force that residents can trust. She’ll foster true community oversight of the police, so that residents feel safe cooperating with the police to fight crime in their communities.

Serving our seniors

Seniors have given a lifetime to our neighborhoods. Now it's our time to give back. Aletheia will fight for tax policies that allow seniors to retire in the homes they spent their lives paying for, tougher penalties for scams that target the elderly, and state health care that expands coverage instead of rationing it.



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Email: mccaskill4senate@gmail.com

Phone: (443) 738-4511

Team McCaskill Campaign HQ

2133 Gywnn Oak Avenue

Suite 101

Gwynn Oak, MD 21207

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